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Do you wish to exit the U.S. Tax Club?

Are you fed up with handing over a large percentage of your hard-earned money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)? If so, we can help you keep your money. But, how is this done in a manner that won't make you a target?

A short video about the Revocation of Election:

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A little history first. When you filed your first Income Tax Return, you unknowingly opted in to the Income Tax for the rest of your money-earning life. They don't tell you this, but that first filing was optional (under the law). But, all is not lost. There is a remedy to exit the system.

Hidden deep within the statutes of the Federal Income Tax, there is a clause that allows for you to terminate your relationship you unknowingly made to become a Taxpayer.

We offer an Affidavit of Revocation of Election which meets the criteria and options expressed in 26 USC 6013(g) of the United States Code. Title 26 is the section that deals with the Federal Income Tax. The U.S. Congress has provided this option in their statutory laws, allowing you to exit the U.S. Tax Club. This clears up any confusion of your being a statutory Taxpayer via the ending of the self-renewing initial 'election'.



What this means is that your ties to the Federal Income Tax system will be severed, legally freeing you from the obligation that requires you to file a yearly income tax return. Without this affadavit, if you stop filing, you risk IRS harassment, collections and worse.

With our services, you not only get our proven and legal way to help you keep your hard-earned money, but you also have access to our resources to guide you through the minefield of the income tax code.

We have helped thousands of others in choosing to stop paying income tax to the federal government. You can join their ranks! To learn more, click the following link.

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