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Are you what the government refers to as a 'non-resident alien individual'? At first glance, many Americans would never think to identify themselves under this description. But under closer inspection, it appears that over 90% of people who call themselves Americans in fact fall under this statutory term created by the US Congress. First of all, it is important to understand that there are 2 entities known as the “United States,”: 1) the Constitutional Republic (i.e., 50 states of the Union), and 2) the corporate body that rules over the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and other similar territories. In statutory language the corporate “United States,” the National Government refers to non-resident alien individuals as having no basic liability for the Federal Income Tax. The conditions for a non-resident alien to gain a federal taxable income status [in any tax year] are specifically determined by: 1. Americans making the free-will choice to work for the National Government (income within the statutory “United States”). 2. Americans making the free-will choice to live in American Samoa or Puerto Rico. 3. Americans deriving income from sources outside the statutory “United States” [meaning the District of Columbia] which is effectively connected with the performance of the functions of a public office or income that comes from any federal device such as Treasury Bills and Bonds, Social Security, etc. It is only that amount of income that is taxable and over certain thresholds (i.e., Social Security benefits that exceed $25,000 per year), and 4. They made the free-will choice to elect to have their income treated like that of a U.S. resident alien. Resident aliens — citizens of foreign countries — must be granted permission by the National Government to work in either the 50 states, D.C., or one of the U.S. territories and must pay for that privilege. All other non-resident alien individuals have NO liability to file a Form 1040 or pay the Federal Income Tax. This includes those who work strictly in the private sector and live/work in one of the 50 states. Of course, most Americans are not aware of the fact that they generally are not liable for the Federal Income Tax but have qualified as a taxpayer because they (whether unknowingly or not) utilized the 4th criteria on this list. “Once you (as a non-resident alien) voluntarily file your first Form 1040, you have made the election to have your income taxed like that of a U.S. Resident Alien,” said Adele Weiss, principal at Tax Freedom Professionals, a European-based tax consultant firm. “This begins the process of being linked in the IRS database. The ‘treatment’ automatically renews each year. But in order to remain in compliance to the 13th Amendment (outlawing slavery and involuntary indentured servitude in the 50 states), the U.S. Congress had to provide the option to terminate that voluntary election. “The National Government has cleverly obscured this ‘exit door’ because it wants to keep you in the system that you never truly belonged in in the first place.” Weiss, who has a masters degree in constitutional tax law, has studied the Internal Revenue Code for over 25 years, and it took him a good portion of that time to find this 'needle in the haystack'. Through his firm, non-resident aliens (Americans born in one of the 50 states) can obtain a legal affidavit and accompanying documentation that formally removes you from the U.S. Tax Club. “As the IRS wants to keep you in their system as long as possible because they see you as property of the government, they will try anything to avoid having to remove you from their database,” added Weiss. “As a result of initial trial and error, we have perfected the process so it gives those at the IRS no wiggle room to deny you in a legal sense.” Tax Freedom Professionals has over 2,000 clients, most of whom have removed themselves from the U.S. Tax Club using the firm’s affidavit. Those interested in obtaining more information regarding their own personalized affidavit can simply fill out the form, and a representative at the firm will provide further details free of charge.

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